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  • 名称: JX8-5.7-1 Carbide Studs for Tires /Tracks/ Footwear
  • Model: GG0821
  • Unit: PC
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide Pin +Steel body
  • Category: Studs for shoes
  • E-mail: sales09@jxcarbide.com
  • Application: For Shoes

JX8-5。7-1 Carbide Studs for Tires /Tracks/ Footwear


If you interested in Tire studs, please do not hesitate to contact me。


Gisselle Gan
Sales Manager
Tel /Wechat /WhatsApp:+86-15873358163


1.Type: threaded ball studs, Flat studs,screw tire studs
2.Apply for: all kinds of cars, such as truck, racing car, general car, bicycle, alpenstock
--good anti-slip effect
--samples will be given upon the inquiry
--super grip ability
-- sizes & types are available
--good wear resistance
--strict tolerance controlled
--100% virgin raw material
--zinc plated for rust protection
Professional manufacture for snow studs, tyre studded scews, antiskid boots nails:
New type snow screw car tire studded pin, easy to install and remove without assembling tools. using in different season, after winter weather can take them off for next turning. Choosing the screw studs only to based on depth of your tire thread.



We are a factory which specialized in produce Tungsten Carbide Tools, especially for Tire studs, Screw Studs, Studs Pin, Also Aluminum rivet and Steel Rivet and so on.

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