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Safe Travel in Winter, Choose Jinxin Studs

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Winter is coming, there are many person begin to purchase carbide tire studs, for sell or for themselves. Tire studs can help us drive more safe. Do you learn tire studs? let's discuss it.
Studded tires have small metal protrusions inserted into the rubber to improve tire-road friction in bad weather conditions like snow or ice. Although studded tires help drivers in bad weather, some states restrict the use of studs or ban them because of the damage to road surfaces.
The average studded tire is a winter tire that has 60 to 120 small metal studs inserted into it. These studs are made of tough metals like tungsten. The studs are placed in the tire in such a way that even as the tire wears down, the studs maintain a consistent protrusion length.
Seasonal restrictions in most states are set around the winter season. The average state allows the use of studded tires from the beginning of October or November until the end of March or April. Some states have weather-related restrictions, rather than seasonal; studded tires are permitted during snow or ice conditions, regardless of the time of year.
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