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How to Stud a Fatbike Tire?

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More and more person accept use studs on car tire, shoes also fat bike tire. they are very simple and everyone can use, and we also research and development a new tire studs for Fat bike. We call it JX100.
If you're in the market for fat bike tires that will keep you upright on ice, you've done some researching and have learned that these tires are priced substantially high. That's not without reason, as there is a great deal of R&D into these tires, but you've landed here nonetheless.
This article will walk you through installing cost-effective studs (less than 1/4 the price of Jinxin Studs Screw In Studs) in a Fat Bike Tire with or without stud pockets already manufactured into the tire tread. This method yields a tire that is custom-studded for your needs and costs significantly less than pre-studded tires.
If you interested, just contact me. thanks

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