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Why Jinxin Studs need used on Snow Tires?

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Winter is nearly after serval month, more and more person begin to purchase tire studs, due to studded snow tires are often presented as the ultimate winter driving accessory. It’s easy to understand why: The idea of carbide studs sticking out of your tires and clawing their way through ice seems like the best choice for dealing with a cold climate. 
Tire studs
Why Use Studded Snow Tires?
As mentioned above, there’s really only one reason to use studded tires, and that’s to improve your vehicle’s grip on ice. The tungsten carbide tip is designed to pierce the ice, dramatically improving traction when traveling across a frozen surface. If you live in a mountainous area where plows and road salt are rare, then studs might be the only alternative to chains that guarantee safe passage home.
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