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Zhuzhou Jinxin Carbide Stud - Moscow Exhibition

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Zhuzhou Jinxin carbide stud is the only manufacturer of cemented carbide tire spikes in Zhuzhou. As the leader of the anti-skid nail industry, through years of research and experience accumulation, it has formed quite mature life in the fields of anti-skid shoes nails, tire anti-skid nails, screw anti-skid nails, non-standard anti-skid nails and other anti-skid nails. Production process and quality management mechanism.
jinxin carbide stud
In this Moscow exhibition, Zhuzhou Jinxin carbide stud which is never absent, began to prepare exhibition materials and exhibition products as early as in previous years. Mr. Shen Jinkui, the general manager, attaches great importance to the exhibition.
At present, our company has formed a highly automated production capacity, the monthly output can reach 10 million grains per month, tire studs products continue to sell well in Europe and the United States. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "sincere letter, pursuit of excellence", we have won the recognition of domestic and foreign demanders in the field of production and operation of anti-skid nails.
As a manufacturer of anti-skid nails with many patents, zhuzhou jinxin stud co.,Ltd  owns many types of anti-skid nail products, such as general 8-1 series, 9-1 series, 12-1 series, 8-11-2 series, 9-11-2 series and so on. Thread anti-skid nails range from standard thread anti-skid nails to large thread anti-skid nails to race car thread anti-skid nails.
Wish Zhuzhou Jinxin  Carbide stud will always be your friend.

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